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Contentifai: Our Approach

Content written by humans, for humans (with a touch of AI to enhance it)

We use AI to enhance your content. Not as a replacement for quality writing.

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We deliver real value to our clients by using select generative AI tools as part of our methodology.

Our Tools

We incorporate the latest and best generative AI tools into our workflows

We produce the same great quality content at cost by adding these AI tools at key points in our workflow.

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* We continually test new and upcoming platforms to ensure we deliver the best value to our clients.

The result: We deliver meaningful value to clients and their customers by delivering a steady stream of SEO content that builds your brand and grows your sales.

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Pricing and Signup

The best of humans and AI working together

Get publish-ready quality content for your website that grows your traffic every week.

Content marketing plans for all stages of growth:


Get fresh content weekly

Blog posts per week


Price per month


Bolt-on: social posts


One-time purchase:
Content calendar



Our most popular plan

Blog posts per week


Price per month


Bolt-on: social posts


One-time purchase:
Content calendar



Rapidly scale your brand

Blog posts per week


Price per month


Bolt-on: social posts


One-time purchase:
Content calendar



Outsource your content

Blog posts per week


Price per month


Bolt-on: social posts


One-time purchase:
Content calendar


* Select bolt-ons and one-time purchases and edit quantities at checkout


  • Packages include up to 2 images per post
  • Blog posts are 600-2400 words and average 1200 words in length
  • Bolt-on includes up to 3 social posts per blog post
  • Content calendar is a one-time purchase for keyword research and article topic ideas
  • Contact us to publish directly to your CMS

Example package

Pro plan plus social posts bolt-on and each week you receive:

  • x2 SEO-optimised articles
  • Images to accompany posts
  • Up to x3 social media posts per blog post

That’s x8 blog posts and up to x24 social posts each month…

For £322 per month

Select the content calendar bolt-on for a £150 one-off payment and you’ll also receive an SEO strategy complete with keywords and post ideas good for 6 months’ worth of content.

Aim higher: done-for-you content marketing, SEO, and social media

Your complete content marketing solution and the same strategy we use to generate outstanding results!

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Get everything in the Pro package plus:

  • Keyword strategy
  • Link building x5 links per month
  • Short and long-form content
  • SEO audit
  • Technical SEO consulting
  • Upload and publish directly to your CMS

Brands Using Contentifai

Trusted by Brands

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User Testimonials

Contentifai Ben Kindlan

Contentifai helped us with handling PR and we were glad to have their expertise on board. The result of working together was great content for the launch. We were super impressed!

Ben Kindlan
GIGCO CEO and Co-Founder
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I have worked closely with the team at Contentifai and have to say it was an absolute pleasure. The team is made of professional writers with great knowledge of SEO and marketing. Contentifai made our brand-building experience very easy, smooth, and fast. I highly recommend them if you need high-quality content!

Orianne Blum 
Project Management Officer
Contentifai Orianne Blum
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About Contentifai: Our Vision

Meet Jeremy

Contentifai Jeremy Rodgers
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Jeremy is a content marketing specialist and a multi-agency Founder. He’s passionate about developing brand voices and connecting them with users to share their bold visions.

As the Founder of Contentifai and the bespoke content marketing agency Linguakey, he’s worked with brands across the globe of all sizes to connect them with their ideal users and tell their stories with clarity and compulsion.

Now, he’s applying the latest generative AI tools to enhance processes and workflows to deliver the same quality content marketing at exceptional value, particularly for SMEs and micro businesses.

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Contact Us And Sign Up

Sign up today and be contēnt with your cōntent!

Start harnessing the best of AI and humans to supercharge your content marketing.

We do training too! Train your team to create engaging content in minutes not hours.

Contact us to learn more.

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The Contentifai Blog

Read the latest news, tips, and insights in the world of content marketing and AI!

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What is Contentifai?

Contentifai is a marketing agency specialising in content marketing using the latest generative AI tools to produce add value at cost for clients.

How does Contentifai work?

Contentifai uses the latest AI tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT to enhance the content creation process and add value to clients and their users.

How do I know if Contentifai is right for me?

Contentifai is ideal for companies looking to increase their targeted organic website traffic, for example from Google Search, and build their brand awareness and sales through social media.

Which package is right for me?

Contentifai’s packages have been carefully developed to cater to businesses of all sizes, budgets, and stages of growth. For example, the Growth package is ideal for SMEs with an existing website looking to increase organic traffic and sales in a relatively short time. By contrast, the Pro package is ideal for high-growth companies in competitive markets looking to increase sales rapidly.