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The Top 15 High-Growth Tech Startups in Newcastle upon Tyne to Watch in 2024

Newcastle’s Tech Titans: Innovating for a Sustainable Future: Discover the dynamic startups in Newcastle upon Tyne and Northeast England driving innovation in tech, from digital legacies to renewable energy solutions.

In the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne and across Northeast England, a tech revolution is underway. From Settld’s compassionate digital legacy management to Evergen’s groundbreaking renewable energy software, these startups are not just thriving; they’re redefining their industries. With significant investments fueling their growth, they embody the innovative spirit and potential of the region’s burgeoning tech scene.

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Settld: Navigating Life’s Digital Legacy with Compassion and Innovation

Settld is revolutionising the way we handle the digital aftermath of a loved one’s passing. Founded in 2020, this innovative startup simplifies the daunting process of managing deceased persons’ affairs, from bank to social media accounts. With a recent boost of £800,000 in funding, Settld is poised for further growth and impact.

Atlas Cloud: Simplifying IT Complexity for SMEs with Custom Solutions

Atlas Cloud takes the complexity out of IT for SMEs, offering tailored outsourcing and cybersecurity services. Their commitment to promoting hybrid working environments has recently been underscored by a significant £4.8 million investment, allowing them to expand their Newcastle office and team, further solidifying their position in the tech landscape.

QuantuMDx: Pioneering Rapid Healthcare Diagnostics for a Healthier Tomorrow

QuantuMDx is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, developing rapid PCR testing systems that are critical for modern healthcare challenges. Their achievements, including a pivotal distribution agreement for the UK and France, are backed by an impressive £75 million in funding, showcasing the potential of Newcastle’s tech sector to contribute to global health solutions.

Kani Payments: Revolutionising Fintech with Seamless Transaction Solutions

Kani Payments demonstrates the dynamic nature of Newcastle’s fintech scene. Specialising in SaaS solutions for transaction reporting and reconciliation, they’ve shown remarkable growth, with profits doubling in 2022. Although specific recent funding figures aren’t disclosed, their success story is a testament to the fertile ground Newcastle offers to fintech innovators.

Whyaye: Transforming Enterprises with Cutting-Edge Digital Strategies

Whyaye brings a fresh perspective to digital transformation, offering strategies that span business change to operational resilience. Their deep engagement in transformation projects highlights the city’s capability to drive enterprise innovation, making Newcastle a critical node in the UK’s digital transformation map.

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Impact Recycling: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Plastic Recycling Technologies

Impact Recycling has developed a groundbreaking technology that separates components of mixed plastic waste, marking a significant step towards sustainability. With a recent injection of $3.2 million, this startup is not just cleaning up the environment but also showcasing the green tech potential within Newcastle.

CellulaREvolution: Biotech Innovations Cultivating the Future of Cell Culture

CellulaREvolution is changing the game in biotech with its novel cell culture technology. Their work, supported by $1.4 million in seed funding, is a beacon of hope for advancements in medical research and beyond, proving that Newcastle is a city where science and innovation thrive together.

Magnitude Biosciences: Accelerating Ageing Research with Cutting-Edge Nematode Analysis

Magnitude Biosciences, a beacon of innovation in the biotech sector, exemplifies the pioneering spirit prevalent in Newcastle’s tech scene. Spun out of Durham University, Magnitude Biosciences is at the forefront of ageing research, utilising nematode worms in their quest to accelerate the discovery of treatments for age-related diseases. Their recent £500,000 investment, part of which came from a Future Economy Investor Partnerships grant matched by the North East Innovation Fund, underscores the potential of their research and the significant interest in their capabilities. The firm has developed an innovative ‘healthspan machine’ to monitor nematodes, demonstrating their commitment to enhancing health-span extending drug discovery​​​​.

Evergen: Revolutionising Renewable Energy Management

Evergen specialises in smarter energy solutions with significant funding and multiple investors. Evergen, an energy software company, has confirmed a monumental $15 million Series-B fundraise, led by FRV-X, a division of the global renewable energy enterprise Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), which is a part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy. This substantial investment underscores FRV-X’s confidence in Evergen’s ability to innovate in the smart energy software domain, enhancing energy usage for a wide array of stakeholders across Australia and internationally. The investment is set to fuel Evergen’s growth, allowing it to bring its software solutions to key global markets, further driving the transition to renewable energy sources​​​​.

Evergen has raised $11,809,467 across three funding rounds, supported by five investors including Artesian VC, CSIRO, AMP Capital Investors, Providence Asset Group, and Artesian Clean Energy Seed Fund. This positions Evergen as a leader in renewable energy software, optimising energy systems for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications.

Pegasus Management: Empowering Workforce Efficiency

Pegasus Management has carved a niche in providing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions aimed at revolutionising workforce management. Their platform is designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and facilitate seamless communication within organisations. The innovation lies in their approach to integrating advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces, making workforce management more intuitive and efficient. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, Pegasus Management’s solutions are increasingly relevant, marking them as a company to watch in the evolving landscape of enterprise software solutions.

Pegasus Management received $28,000,000 in funding, indicating significant confidence from its sole investor, Accel-KKR. This substantial investment underscores Pegasus Management’s impact in streamlining workforce management through its SaaS platform.

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GoRaise: Championing Causes through Innovation

GoRaise has emerged as a creative platform that leverages technology to support fundraising efforts for a multitude of causes. By providing an easy-to-use interface, GoRaise connects charitable projects with potential donors, harnessing the power of community and technology to make a tangible impact. Their model not only facilitates fundraising but also raises awareness for important social, environmental, and cultural issues. As corporate social responsibility and community engagement gain traction, GoRaise’s innovative approach positions it as a key player in the intersection of technology and philanthropy.

GoRaise secured $797,999, suggesting robust support for its innovative fundraising platform that connects causes with potential donors, emphasising the startup’s contribution to social and charitable endeavours.

Low Carbon Lighting (LCL): Illuminating Sustainability

Low Carbon Lighting (LCL) is at the forefront of developing energy-efficient LED lighting solutions that promise to reduce carbon footprints and energy costs. Their dedication to sustainability is matched by their commitment to innovation, offering lighting solutions that are not only environmentally friendly but also economically viable. LCL’s technology represents a critical step towards sustainable development, making them a vital presence in the fight against climate change and a company to watch as global emphasis on green technology continues to grow.

Low Carbon Lighting (LCL) garnered $1,278,346 in funding, highlighting its efforts in creating energy-efficient LED lighting solutions that promise significant energy savings and environmental benefits.

Arcus Studio: Crafting Creative Narratives

Arcus Studio has established itself as a beacon of creativity in the 2D animation landscape. Their expertise in creating high-quality material for a wide range of platforms showcases their versatility and innovative spirit. With a focus on storytelling, Arcus Studio brings narratives to life, engaging audiences across the globe. As digital content consumption soars, the studio’s ability to blend art with technology makes it a key player in the entertainment and marketing industries.

Arcus Studio achieved £80k in funding, reflecting its potential in producing high-quality 2D animation content for various platforms, showcasing creativity and innovation in digital media.

Activaeon: Navigating Compliance with Technology

In the complex world of Microsoft SPLA reporting and compliance, Activaeon stands out for its solutions that simplify and automate these processes for businesses. Their software addresses a critical need for companies to remain compliant with licensing requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance and the associated costs. Activaeon’s focus on this niche area, coupled with their technological expertise, positions them as a vital resource for businesses navigating the regulatory landscape.

With a funding of $310k, Activaeon’s focus on Microsoft SPLA reporting and compliance solutions indicates a niche yet essential service offering in the tech landscape.

ProForecast: Predicting Business Success

ProForecast offers cloud-based corporate business performance management (CPM) software that empowers businesses with accurate forecasts and actionable insights. Their platform facilitates strategic planning, financial analysis, and performance monitoring, helping businesses to make informed decisions and drive growth. In an era where data-driven decision-making is paramount, ProForecast’s solutions are invaluable for businesses looking to optimise performance and predict future trends.

Newcastle upon Tyne and Northeast England at the forefront of UK and Global Innovation

Each of these companies, through their unique innovations and contributions, underscores the vibrancy of Newcastle upon Tyne’s tech and creative sectors. Their journeys so far highlight the potential they hold for making significant impacts in their respective fields in 2024 and beyond.

As we look to the future, the startups of Newcastle upon Tyne and Northeast England stand at the forefront of technological advancement, sustainability, and digital transformation. Their journey is a testament to the region’s resilience, creativity, and commitment to innovation. Let’s champion these pioneers as they shape a brighter, tech-driven future. Join the revolution and support local innovation.

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