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Power Hour FAQs

What is a power hour session?

A power hour is a focused, one-hour consultation where we discuss specific aspects of your business, such as content marketing or AI usage, and provide actionable insights and recommendations.

How much does a power hour session cost?

Each power hour session is discounted to £50 for PLMS members.

What will I receive after the power hour session?

Following the session, you’ll receive a summary of our discussion and a list of action points, including quick wins you can implement.

Can I book both the Content Marketing and Gen AI power hours?

Yes, you can book either or both sessions according to your needs and interests.

What topics are covered in the Content Marketing Power Hour?

We’ll discuss website performance, visitor engagement, conversion rates, and ways to improve traffic and lead generation.

What will be covered in the Gen AI Power Hour?

We’ll explore effective, safe, and secure AI usage, focusing on improving workflows, data analysis, and creating business assets.

Do I need prior experience with AI to benefit from the Gen AI Power Hour?

No, the session is suitable for both those already using AI and those interested in exploring its potential for their business.

How can I book a power hour session?

You can express your interest by responding to Jeremy’s email or contacting him directly to discuss and schedule a session. 

How are payments made?

Payments are made via Stripe. Upon payment confirmation you will be redirected to the booking page to book your one-hour slot.

Are these power hour sessions exclusive to PLMS members?

Yes, these discounted power hour sessions are exclusively offered to members of Paul’s networking group, PLMS.

How long will this offer be available?

This is a limited time offer so contact Jeremy soon if you’re interested in taking advantage of this exclusive discount.

Can I get ongoing support after the power hour session?

You can discuss potential ongoing support or consultancy with Jeremy during or after the session.

How do I prepare for a power hour session?

For the content marketing Power Hour, it would be helpful to have your website analytics, current marketing strategies, and any specific questions or goals ready before the session. 

For the Gen AI Power Hour, it would be helpful to share your current level of experience with gen AI, any projects you are using it for, and what you hope to gain from using gen AI.